Born from love for mountains and skiing come custom skis made for those with passion for quality and new experiences. Whether it’s carving groomed slopes, grooving lines in deep powder, downhill racing, freestyle expression or simply a quest for speed you are after, we can provide the right tools. Made with precision and quality in mind we create unique personalised products made to fit your needs and specifications. We finish them with great attention to detail and according to your preference. Striving for perfection we encourage you to help us create unique and beautiful objects that will give you confidence to excel wherever you choose to ski. 


Monck Custom is an adventure of a lifetime that started back in 2009 when we cut into skis of a few major producers and saw room for improvement. That pushed us to start manufacturing skis without compromise and embark on a quest to create the perfect product with great attention to detail and precision using only the best materials.


To make the dream become reality we’ve worked hard over the last three years designing our own technology of production. We designed machines along with a heated hydraulic press and build an effective web of suppliers based on quality of products like wood, base material, Kevlar, or carbon fibre.

The first Monck Custom prototype touched snow in the beginning of 2010. Today after years of research we are finally proud to offer a unique custom made product that is of the highest quality and built carefully with utmost precision.  

 Years of experience in skiing and the mission to attain perfection led us to a product that we are can be proud of. Every ski that leaves our factory is hand crafted to perfection and made to fit the skiers needs. We encourage our clients to be involved in the process as much as possible. During the production process the customer can choose the stiffness, type of base and finish, as well as a graphic design. We are here all the way to advise on all of the above. Being part of that process allows the skier to understand better how the ski works which pays of in confidence in the mountains. Every one of our three models is fitted to the skiers level, needs and preferences.


Our production system doesn’t allow for stock build up. We start working on a new pair of skis as soon as an order is placed and the design is approved. The process takes about three weeks during which the customer is free to observe the progress. The finished product  comes with a one year warranty that involves tuning of base and edges. 


Monck Custom skis are enjoyed by our first clients on slopes and in snow parks as well as deep powder and big mountains. In Poland, the Alps, soon also in USA and Japan. 


We want to welcome you to a whole new dimension of skiing.


Szymon Girtler
Monck Custom